French lessons for adults, high school students and university students

Learn french with a private tutor in Bondi, the Eastern Suburbs and the immediate Sydney area.

Lessons are tailored to the needs of the student.
I provide all the material, including exercises to take home and I will point you to a few Internet resources you can use to practice your spoken french. You can also purchase audio files that complement your lessons for a small fee.

Stephen Miller, author of Conversation, A History of a Declining Art.
“The French are good at conversation because they value it. But conversation, like any other art, has its rules.

Rule 1: A conversation is an end in itself, with no purpose.
Rule 2: Rhapsodies of brilliance are to be avoided at all costs for fear of disengaging one of the participants, who may feel excluded or humiliated.
Rule 3: Disagreement is permitted and even encouraged. But it has to be good-natured, Otherwise it kills conversation.”


Private one-on-one Lessons – 1hr

$65     ♥ 

Private one-on-two Lessons – 1hr


Group Conversation sessions – 1hr

Group of 3

Group of 4

$30 per person

$20 per person

Online French Lessons 50 min- – 1hr


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♥ HSC Students: Pay only $60 for the first lesson.